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Nail Treatment


A luxurious manicure to nourish and hydrate your hands and cuticles. This indulgent treatment includes a hand exfoliation and a relaxing hand and arm massage using our Hand Care products. Cuticles are groomed to perfection and thermal mittens are applied to give deeper penetration of the cuticle oil and hand mask, leaving you with beautifully soft hands. The treatment ends with the application of a polish in the color of your choice.

The Nail lounge at Aroma secret colors used OPI, other colors on request if available.

Extra 10 minutes Reflexology (Add on to pedicure)
Extra 10 minutes hand massage (Add on to manicure)
INR 90
INR 90
INR 110
INR 110


Basic Manicure  

INR 180 [Members] | INR 215 [Non-Members]

It includes Trimming, Filling, cuticle fixing, light hand massage and color.


Basic Pedicure 

INR 315 [Members] | INR 380 [Non-Members]

It includes Trimming, filling, Cuticle fixing, gentle exfoliation, reflexology massage, peppermint or lavender oil treatment and color.


Basic Manicure -

INR 180 [Members] | INR 215 [Non-Members]

It includes Trimming, Filling, cuticle fixing, light hand massage and color.

INR 360 [Members]
INR 540 [Members]
INR 430 [Non-Members]
INR 650 [Non-Members]

Manicure with exfoliation of the hands and arms for ultimate softness and removal of unwanted dead skin cells.


Paraffin Manicure with exfoliation 

INR 810 [Members] | INR 975 [Non-Members]

Manicure with exfoliation, light hand massage leading to the dipping of the paraffin wax for an ultimate smoothness.


Paraffin Pedicure with exfoliation 

INR 810 [Members] | INR 975 [Non-Members]

It includes Pedicure with exfoliation and reflexology leading to dipping of paraffin wax onto feet for an ultimate smoothness.


Green Tea Cucumber Manicure 

INR 450 [Members] | INR 540 [Non-Members]

Manicure with green tea cucumber Tea exfoliation and 10 minute hand massage utilizing cream of cucumber extract.


Green Tea Cucumber Pedicure 

INR 450 [Members] | INR 540 [Non-Members]

Pedicure with special soaking of tired into green tea extracts. This treatment includes exfoliation, 10 minute massage with the cream of cucumber extract, and choice of either lavender or peppermint oil treatment.


Marine- derives Spa Manicure/ Pedicure -

INR 650 [Members]
INR 850 [Members]
INR 780 [Non-Members]
INR 1,020 [Non-Members]

Manicure / Pedicure with cuticle treatment, concentrated callus peel (Pedi), sea salt glow exfoliation , mud/marine masque, 10 minute reflexology, massage incorporated with hot basalt stones and lavender or peppermint oil treatment. Mud/marine wrap of hands and legs placed in hot booties.


Hot Stone Spa Manicure /Pedicure  -

INR 400 [Members]
INR 750 [Members]
INR 480 [Non-Members]
INR 900 [Non-Members]


Silky Milk Spa manicure/ Pedicure -

INR 750 [Members]
INR 900 [Members]
INR 950 [Non-Members]
INR 1,080 [Non-Members]

Milk fortified pedicure with callus eliminating treatment, soaking of the tired hands /feet in milk enriched bubble bath, exfoliation of the dead skin cells, milk mud wrap of the feet in the hot booties, 15 minute reflexology massage with lavender or peppermint oil treatment.



Polish Change: Hand INR 90 INR 110
Polish Change: Feet INR 90 INR 110
Gel manicure INR 1,800 INR 2,160
Silk warps INR 2,070 INR 2,485
Extensions INR 2,250 INR 2,700
Tips with Silk Wrap INR 2,700 INR 3,240
Silk powder Fillings INR 3,600 INR 4,320
UV Light Concept Nails INR 3,600 INR 4,320
Own nail Set INR 900 INR 1,100
Tip Set INR 1,100 INR 1,320
Extensions INR 2,700 INR 3,240
Fillings INR 2,250 INR 2,700
Custom Nail therapies INR 2,250 INR 2,700
Permanent French INR 3,150 INR 3,800
French Style INR 135 INR 160
Buffing style INR 135 INR 160
Callus Peel INR 135 INR 160
Callus eliminator INR 135 INR 160
Acrylic/Gel Extensions (full set) INR 1,800 INR 2,160
Acrylic/Gel Overlays each INR 270 INR 325
Refills INR 270 INR 325
Removals Each INR 225 INR 270
Full set removals INR 900 INR 1,080
Nail Art Full Set (10 FINGERS) INR 900 INR 1,080
Each finger INR 100 INR 120