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Day Makeup

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Evening makeup

This can be more dramatic, especially if you are attending a party or function where the lights will be dim. Don’t be afraid to wear bold colors and experiment with new products. If you love to wear the latest makeup trends, this is the best time to wear them. Pick your best feature and wear the boldest colors. If you love your eyes, wear two coats of mascara and bold eyeliner. Your evening lipstick shade can also be bolder than your daytime lipstick shade. However, even though you can wear darker colors and a more dramatic look in the evening, it is possible to overdo.

Night Makeup

When doing your makeup for an evening look, most makeup artists recommend that you choose either your lips or your eyes as the focus. If you like intense eye makeup with layers of different shades, thick liner and mascara, then you are better off toning down your lips by doing a neutral shade or keeping them sheer and glossy. If you have great lips and want to play them up with a sassy red or deep plum, then you can use just a touch of liner on the lash line, and a neutral sweep of shadow. If the focus is on your lips, make sure to take care of them by moisturizing and exfoliating so your lip color doesn’t look flaky on dry lip skin.

Smokey makeup

Smokey eyes have become a classic party eye makeup look. The secret of this trend’s popularity is that smoky eyes can change your face dramatically, transforming the girl-next-door into a stylish diva. Smokey eyes have been a big style for quite awhile and there’s no sign this particular trend is dying.  Here we help  you step-by-step  on how to get the perfect Smokey eye.

Natural makeup

The natural goodness of natural make up is gentle enough for even sensitive skin and some have been developed with specific natural ingredients to hydrate dry skin, or to balance oily skin or even soothe problematic skin. Organic, naturally medicated ingredients in natural makeup products can also be used to help calm skin problems such as acne and eczema that normal makeup would exasperate. In addition, some mineral make up can also combat visible signs of aging by stimulating collagen production for revitalized, youthful skin. Natural makeup is made with mineral pigments from the earth and beneficial botanical extracts that heal skin, rather than damage it.

Bridal makeup

Along with the shinning jeweler and a gorgeous wedding dress if the makeup and the hair do is inappropriate then their beauty are also marred. Bridal make up shouldn’t be overly jazzy at the same time it cannot be too plain. Striking the right balance in bridal makeup in India is very important. Bridal makeup can correct so many imperfections that the skin may have purely because bridal makeup is a complex art in itself.

Fashion/ Model/ Shoot makeup

Fashion makeup is used in magazine photography as well as on the fashion runway.  Fashion makeup is also commonly used in television and film ranging for the natural prime look to more sophisticated applications such as color balance. It’s a playground that brings together people who are passionate about the creative world of fashion and beauty.  It is a community that is engaging people in matters of style and makeup.  When you go into this fun environment you will network with other individuals who will be sharing their styles, reviewing products and creating tutorials on makeup and fashion so we help to make you stand different with respect to others.

Party makeup

Everyone wants to look good, especially when it is the time to party. The idea behind hosting or going to parties is to meet the people you know as well as to make new friends. At the same time, you try to impress others by your dressing sense and looks, along with the way you carry yourself. The self-confidence comes when you know that you are looking perfect, with the right make up and a dazzling ensemble