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Aroma Secret Spa Signature Treatment


Aroma Secret Hair Spa (Hair wash and Paddle dry included) INR 640 INR 800
Aroma Secret Full Body Waxing Spa INR 1,680 INR 2,100
Aroma Secret Spa Manicure and Pedicure INR 1,280 INR 1,600
Aroma Secret Special Herbal Oil Head Massage including Steam, High Frequency Back Massage & Special Hair Mask on chair INR 600 INR 750
Aroma Secret Special Face Mask INR 520 INR 650
Aroma Secret Glow Full Body Scrub, Gentle Massage, Steam Bath & Shower INR 1,680 [90min] INR 2,100 [90min]
Aroma Secret Spa Back Massage INR 440 [30min] INR 550 [30min]
Aroma Secret Spa body Wrap with Relaxing massage, Steam Bath & Shower INR 1,680 [90min] INR 2,100 [90min]
Aroma Secret Signature Facial
Divine, Bliss, joy, Beauty are some connotations used for this combination of a massage and a Scrub, honey & almonds are used creating a charming, sensational and nourished skin. A massage followed by a scrub exfoliates the skin leaving you invigorated yet relaxed.
INR 2,000 [90min] INR 2,500 [90min]
Aroma Secret Special Restore Those-Beautiful-Eyes-Treatment (For all skin types)
As your most delicate area of human facial structure the eyes under goes intensive treatment of improving appearance of fine lines, swellings, puffiness, dark circles and /or other imperfections it may have. It leaves behind dramatic results.
INR 480 [30min] INR 600 [30min]
Aroma Secret Signature Massages
Experience the dual-action of massage and aroma therapy. Utilizing carefully selected botanical oils derived from plants and flowers, body is massaged away unwanted toxins, tensions and knots.
INR 720 [30min] INR 900 [30min]
Aroma Secret Body Balancing Massage
The perfect union of full body massage with reflexology. Aroma Secret Body balancing massage starts out by detoxifying the body then fully reviving the internal energy through reflexology.
INR 1,440 [60min] INR 1,800 [60min]